Friday, November 11, 2011

FakeSMSInstaller_Geared_1.0.2 + Collection of Russian malware and links to malware resources

Name:                   FakeSMSInstaller_Geared_1.0.2
Sample Credits:     many thanks to William Hill, CPU Media, November 11, 2011
AVG Mobilation Malware information: Android SMS Fake installer from 3rd party Russian app stores

Name:                   Russian Malware Collection
MD5:                   See the list of files below
Last month I uploaded a collection of the same as above and similar Russian mobile malware together with corresponding links to Russian alternative (often fake) Android markets where you can find more samples.  You can download it from here:  See below for the list of malware included

Download FakeSMSInstaller_Geared_1.0.2- password infected